About Richard Caladine


Enthusiasm about stories, art and technology probably describes me best.

Hello and thanks for being here.
I love telling stories. Especially stories that deal with animals, unlikely friendships, and overcoming fears. I am passionate about the environment without being preachy. I also love using cameras and computers to create art.

The books are created with Photoshop for the pictures and InDesign to put them all together. In the past I've had many things published including magazine articles on the artistic side of photography and academic works, mainly on media rich online resources. I have also created comics to explain some of the trickier concepts to students of art and photography.

I have a varied past with a PhD in educational technology and for a while I was an Associate Professor at Wollongong University. I have produced and sold paintings and drawings as well as art for websites and printed books. I am a prize-winning mural painter and have created brochures, maps and posters.

My inspiration comes from the nearby beaches and rainforest around where I live in the Illawarra on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia.

studio wide shot studio wide shot Here’s a picture (fisheye lens – it’s a small studio) of my studio so you can see work
areas for digital and traditional media.

If you look closely at the picture of the studio you’ll also see some musical instruments.
For the past ten years I've been studying and practicing music.
studio wide shot